When the rain stop pouring  

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When the rain stop pouring


“ Gaang!! Let’s have some game this afternoon.. “ opik shouted as always.

“ ok! Where? “

“ at PDAM field lang.. “

“ alright.. three o’clock then.. i’d to tell my boys first.. I’ll call you later.. “

Match against opik’s boys ussualy doesn’t end with fighting, so it’s safe at all. Hoped Agrem already back from school. One thing made PDAM bad was the field have some trees in the middle, so it’s hard for run or pass the ball.


Monday, 7 October 2002

At two o’clock i went to Agrem’s house, he seems just back from school because He’s still wore his uniform while sat in terrace. i thought he was insane, sat outside while the sun is burning like hell.

“ Grem, Opik dare us for some game this afternoon.. how?”

“ are our boys ready, lang? Count me in… “

“ i think they are, Grem. I just met Mamat and Uki.. let’s go get them..”

“ you do it lang! I still tired, just arrived.. “

“ Fuck! How come it’s only me.. They won’t go, Grem..”

“ okay.. wait a minute.. i’m very tired.. “

The first boy we got, as always was Uki. Cause his house was the nearest  from sagrem’s house.

“ Ukiiiiiii…. Ukiiiiii “

“ Ukiiiiiii…. Ukiiiiii “

“you shout like maniac..” offend Sagrem

“ hahahahaha.. “

“ oi.. come in! “

“ lets play football ki.. “

To hear some football thing uki came out immediately.. “ lets go, right now?? “

“ it’s challenge match ki, against PDAM’s boys..”

“shit!! its damn far!! “

“ ride your bike if you’re  too lazy to walk.. “ sagrem said.

“let me get ready. You find others..”

“heug.. we’re going to find Samat and Uki first..”

“ bring a bottle of water, ki…”  sagrem said.

Samat’s house is right above uki’s, separated by 5 other houses.

“ samaaaaattttt…. maattttttt… maaaaattttt!!! Mat.. “

“ woy! moron! I’m not fucking deaf… “ imat said. But riki was the one who opened the door.

“ he is insane, isn’t he.. “ sagrem said

“ hahahahahahaha…. hahahaha… “

“where will you go, guys?”riki asked

“ play football ki.. let’s come.. against opik’s boys.. “

“ okaaaayy.. let’s go!!”

“damn Samat, get ready man!! “

“ where’s uki?? Is he come with us?? “ mamat said while he came out from wc

“ he’s join.. he said he’ll join us later.. “ sagrem told “ i’ll wait downside, mat.. “

what Sagrem meant downside is front of his house..

“let me get kotok and jajat first… fucking quick man! “

Sagrem and I  continued to kidnap other guys… lucky us, we met endi at halfway..

“ pardinan, let’s play fucking football.. “

“ when? Just right now ?? I must cut some fucking grass.. “

“ you can catch up later then.. at PDAM! “ sagrem said

“Sucks! You don’t have to collect weeds as if you are country boy, man..”

“ this is country, you dumbass! you idiot never go to school!“ Endi had no fear to fight me

“ you must come.. ride your bike as fast as you can”  sagrem told and turn around to kotok’s house..

“ maam.. is geri at home?? “ you must talked polite to the elder

“ Geriiiiiiiii… Gaang is looking for youu.. “ damn! Why she must shouted

“ whats up, ang? “ kotok had have lunch

“ football tok.. against opik’s boys..”

“ where? ”

“ PDAM… Lets go! “

“ i won’t play.. i’m tired to death man..”

“ come on.. we lack of member now.. “ sagrem said

“ maybe later… its fucking far away… “

“ FUCK YOU MORON! Come on grem.. “

Failed on kotok I continued to jojon’s place.

“ jajaaatttttt… Jajaaaaaaattttt… jonnnn “

There’s no movement in the house..

“ Jaaattt “ mindless sagrem.. noone would heard that yell

“ jooooonnnnnn… Sorjoooonnnnn!!! “

Still.. no movement

“ maybe he’s not home, lang… “ sagrem impatient

“ damn he’s there man! I met him when school end today.. “

“ joooonnnn…” i’d hit the door

“ he’s not home you idiot! he maybe sleeping…”

“ what a fuck having a nap on time like this”

“ come on, don’t waste time with him.. “

“ let’s get dado’s “

Continued to dado’s house, he already stood in front of his house.. uki, samat and riki was already there too.

“ Goddamnit!! Everybody has gather here, let’s get brief here grem…”

“ who else, grem? it doesn’t make sense if we play only with six.. “ big mouth dado, asked without gave any help.

“ is ekel available ? “ sagrem told a very good idea…

“ yes, he is! Ki quick go get ekel..”

“how come I going by myself,somebody go with me “ riki said

“ quick get him lang.. “ sagrem asked

“ i am fucking tired! Mat, go with your brother… “

“ eerrrr… you should do it while ago.. “ samat said

“ do it man! you and uki go bring gema  here.. “ sagrem command

“ let’s go, do.. “ uki said

“ i’ll wait in the gate… “


” Gooaaaallll!! Eat that shit.. My perfect shoot ”

” Great lang! How the score pik? ” Sagrem asked

” 8-3 grem ” Opik said

” Its 8-fucking-2 moron! Don’t try to fucking trick on me man…”

” it’s goddamn 3 idiot!! I scored twice, agus once.. ” Opik still tried to trick on me

” 3 Is okay lang.. Let’s get the last two.. ” Sagrem said

” Let’s play boys!! ”


” Lang delay lang.. Don’t run back! Samaattt.. hold agus.. ” Sagrem shouted

” Calm down ki.. Okay go go gooo.. Lang run laaaangg ” sagrem took ball from I don’t know who,

then gave a long pass to uki

” Kiii.. Drill cross kiii.. ” It’s a good ball, I shot with my left..


” What a great laaaaang…” Uki said

” One more aaaannnngg!! ” Samat said

Sagrem just smile

The last goal made by sagrem, as usual his solo run from the middle of the field. Kopral won 10-3 against

PDAM boys. Opik was asked for one more game, but my boys was exhausted. Other time we could

play again, next time on my homeground.


Sunday, 29th december 2002

” Grem.. Voli’s boys chalenge us.. ”

” Okay.. It’s sunny sunday.. ”

” Samat.. Go get gondang.. ”

” Right.. We need gondang indeed.. I heard isan wanna play too.. ” Samat said

” Who gonna play against us today.. ?” Sagrem asked

” I dunno.. At least deden, ongeh, blek and lulu.. Isan might be playing too.. Jae said he want to join our side ”

” Okay then.. let’s gather on pos.. bring As much as boys you can find.. ” Sagrem command

” So who gonna play  today? ” Sagrem bomb us with question as he arrived at Pos

” I, you, uki, samat, sorjon, riki, dado, gondang, ekel, kotok, edot.. Gema and angga said they’ll come later.. ”

” well, it’s rarely edot come to play. he can give another reserve player for us.”

” Let’s go then! Voli’s boys had wait for us.. ” Uki caplin no longer has patient

” Let’s plaaaayyy.. ” Samat said


” Grem, long ball, grem.. ” Sagrem ready to take goal kick, I has go onto lulu, the shorty goal keeper

“ samaaaatttt… “ but sagrem passed samat instead to me

“ mat! Uki is free…”

“ ki.. here ki..” nice pass from uki. Shit! Deden already come to back line fast…

“ keeelll..” i gave the ball back to ekel. What the fuck! stupid ekel just kick the ball immediately.

“ FUCK!!!! “ it’s very nice deflected ball..


“ five – O maaaaannn!! “ riki said

“ ae, ah, no bloody fighting back, huh… “ gondang provocatively is right..

“ fuck you man! “ deden start losing his temper

Deden got kick off with ongeh, as usual i stood on the front goal line.. damn! Ongeh got harsh tackel from samat the machine..

“ mat, pass me, maaaattt..” the right flank is free.. i ran onto free area

“ fuuuuccckk!! “ a moron agus blek tackled me

“ woy creep! Calm-fucking-down you moron! “ sagrem emotionally

“ you the one who should calm down moron!! “ fuck! deden hold up his fist to agrem, chalenge for

some fight

“ suck that fucker!! “ i hitted deden first.. shit he could kicked me.. mamaaaaaaa it hurts!

There was the scremage situasion on the field, gondang hit deden, sagrem surounded by the little

bastard but i saw he was okay, samat hold on ongeh.. i wanted to join to fight ongeh, give him some slaped on the face, but my chest is hurt because of the fukcing fat man kick.

“ stop lads.. dismissed..dismissed.. retreat boys.. this isn’t good.. “ sagrem asked to retreat

“ you fucked chiken shit man!! “ deden still wanted some fight

“ we won you lose maaaaannnn!! “ riki shouted while ran away.. the boys followed to ran.. i got to ran

away too..

“ you fuking chikeeennn!! “ ongeh shouted.. he got some business with me tomorrow after schol


“you bloody boys don’t have any skill maaaann…” edot might be didn’t take part of our game on the pitch, but surely he on fire to take some provocative shout out.

“ Glory kopral!! Five – fucking O maaannn!! “ uki had shouted


Wednesday, 22nd january 2003

“ are Cigadung’s boys good, lang?? “ sagrem asked

“ good enough, there’s a friend of mine, Bokir. He did a great run”

“ calm down grem.. we had good run till now.. we won 10-9 against cp boys, 10-4 against kaler side,

against engkoh’s we got 10-8, voli boys we hit 5-0.. ” uki still remembered every match we did, he

was the only one agrems asked to record our match results

“ hahaa.. good then, lets play, boys “ sagrem said


“ shit.. it just slow ball, why it could be a goal.. dado was a pathetic goalkeeper! “

“ use your fucking hand doooo!! “ sagrem told emotionally

“ play oy play “ opponent said, i dont know what his name

“ grem, ekel is freee!! “ sagrem passed to ekel

“ kel, pass to me, kell.. “ fucking moron he drible it by himself.. to much to drible ball opponent can get him

“ mat get him maaaattt.. “ sagrem shouted

“ Goooaallll.. “ the opponent made one goal more

“ what the score oy?? “ uki asked

“ three – nill “

“ shit.. quick make some goal lang.. play seriously.. “ sagrem said

Dado was the one who play miserably, a pathetic goal keeper. i made one goal.. he conceded three.. fucking useless. Sagrem changed keeper to riki, but he was the same useless goalkeeper, he conceded three other goals. The back line is as miserable as the goalkeeper, samat was the one who losed every sprint with opponent’s striker, this all gondang fault who decided not to come, fucking gondang! if sagrem down to help backline, the midfield will going insane, useless, ekel held the ball too much, uki too much play and ran without ball, should i turn deep to get ball.

“ grem pass to me greemm.. yes “ sagrem pass always nice

“ leave it to me moron.. “ i gave the boy some shoved

“ lang give me laaaangg.. “ ekel asked, i’m not gonna pass you shit!

“ ki one-two kiiii.. “ exchanged pass with uku, trough pass…

“ fuuccckkkk!! GOAAAAALLLL!!!!”

“ great lang ki… four more lads! “ sagrem was exhausted

But the keeper was too useless, i just made goal the opponent made the instant impact..

“ woy do your fucking job right, maaan!! “

“ enough, get kick off quick.. one more goal and we lose.. “ sagrem was gave up

The last goal was agus’s shot. Kopral lose 4-10, i made two goals. Wait our fucking revenge! hahahahaha

With that result, our consecutive win end at 8 matches. Too bad, but I knew that we would come better and better again in the future.



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