having chat with you is an opium of life

before last night, when was the last time i dreamt about you maam? well, nothing going better between us this year. actualy i hope we could have another chit chat before the first quarter year end. as i told you again and again, having chat with you is a coccaine of life. hahaha..

so, i dreamt of you last night. not specifically dreaming you, it seem more like you came to my random dream. being nice for a sec then you got perky. hahah..

you denied me though. even in my own dream i couldn’t enjoy the moment with you. blimey!

we haven’t talk each other for at least four months now. i still belived one proper conversation with you cost four months without see you at all. maybe someday the cost would decline onto zero.

well, jan schenider offcially hijack this blog.

congratz buschen!





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